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ModuloTech is a French company founded in 2011, located in the business area in Paris.

30+ developers on board who deal with 283900384+ lines of running code.

The tight-knit team already published several services focusing mainly on process optimization and user experience.

A unique approach and following concepts lead the team directly to successes:

🔹an extreme attention to the user experience which must be at the service of the perfect and simple use of the applications.

🔹pro-activity recognized in the sectors where the team evolve.

🔹a completely free management that advocates the total freedom of entrepreneurs of the employees.

ModuloTech has only one day-to-day goal that is to serve the vision of the company and ensure that each member is a team player in the project.

We at Source Angel are happy to collaborate with such an awesome partner.

Before ModuloTech became our partner, the company was in a search of strong developers all over the Europe. They tried to work with freelancers, built strategies for hiring developers in Portugal, but eventually came up to Ukraine searching for reliable company that will help them to build development department in Eastern part of Europe.

After trying to cooperate with freelancers in Ukraine, and later having communicated with some other companies, all in all ModuloTech chose Source Angel to become a strategic partner.

Progress was not long in coming, this is what can be said about the result of our collaboration. We are happy to be entrusted to assemble for ModuloTech a professional development team here in Ukraine.

Our mobile team (Native both iOS and Android) is working hard on an app for supporting people when they have a breakdown of their car in France and with the help of our skilled developer who build Ruby on Rails based back-end, we will definitely succeed.