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Maramoja is Source Angels first African client. The company operates in Nairobi, Kenya and Source Angel is providing development resources for Maramoja on Node.js, React and general frontend development for their web apps. The model used is a hybrid between dedicated team and traditional outsourcing. Maramoja has a contract for a minimum fixed amount of hours per month - they higher number of hours, the lower hourly rate.

Find the transport you need through the people you trust. MARAMOJA transport is a socially responsible Kenyan Start Up dedicated to bringing you the most convenient, reliable, and safe access to transportation.

We all have our favorite providers, whether it's the matatu we always wait for or the taxi/boda guy that we always call. MARAMOJA helps you find and access your favorites as well as those of the people you know and trust.

Our vision is to connect Africa's people, places, and things with a trust-based network of transport solutions that solves problems for providers and riders alike.