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Make influence

Make Influence is a Copenhagen, Denmark based startup company providing a platform to connect influencers and companies looking for influencers for their marketing campaigns. The company was started back in 2017 and has really kicked off in 2020 with investments coming in to scale the business.

There is both a dedicated app for companies to make marketing campaigns, connecting to their preferred influencers as well as an app for the influencers to get an overview of generated clicks, sales, commission, turnover etc.

The model is a no-cure-no pay or strictly commission based model to make the marketing space of influencers much more transparent and mature.

The main tech stack is PHP, Laravel and Vue.js used to make dash boards for influencers and for the companies working with marketing so that the while process will be more transparent, sharing relevant data to their users and in this way also optimize profit for both influecers and marketeers.

Currently Make influence has 3 people working from Source Angels Kharkiv office, and the ambition is to add further 2 frontend developers during 2020.

On a daily basis the team in Ukraine is having standup meetings via video using Microsoft Teams with their colleagues in Denmark. This is a good way to have an informal start to the work day and to make sure that everybody in the team knows what to do today, to fix any issues from the day before.

In general the collaboration between the Make influence team in Denmark and in Ukraine has been an exercise in transferring knowledge to the team in Ukraine so that they can take more responsibility in the future, talking about technological decisions as well as architecture, while the team in Denmark has a task to act as Project manager to feed the team with enough work and business knowledge to build to apps that helps their users and clients in the best possible way.