Source Angel is providing #HowToRobot with an extended team of developers for their Drupal based websites. The team is located in our office in Kharkiv, in the north east corner of Ukraine. Kharkiv is the 2nd biggest IT hub in Ukraine and with a population of more than 2 million people, it keeps providing new talents to the IT sphere from the many technical universities.

From #HowToRobot:
#HowToRobot is the world’s first global, digital robot hub.

Our goal is to help companies benefit from robot technology and increase the success rate of automation projects worldwide.

We do that by matching robot buyers and sellers on our platform and creating an overview of the robot market.

#HowToRobot features a wide range of tools and resources that help guide you through the jungle of automation. Get answers to questions like:

How do I get started with robots?
Which processes can I automate?
What kind of robot solution do I need?
Who are the relevant suppliers, and where are they located?
Will my robot investment pay off?

#HowToRobot is built by the people from Gain & Co – one of the few independent advisors on robots & automation. We are based in Copenhagen in the robot nation of Denmark and operate globally.