.Net Backend Developer

Europe ยท Backend developer

At Source Angel, on Behalf of our German partner Onventis, we are looking for C# .Net Backend Developer.

At Onventis we assign teams to work with the customer needs, we don't give them specific solutions to implement.

We strive to understand the problem first and deliver the products which make a difference for our end users.

Being part of the journey to create the products which customer love and work with daily, is a great joy and experience.

You will make it happen as part of the empowered team, which is aligned with the business, autonomous enough to push back and make your own decisions, with a clear purpose in mind.

Technical competencies:

- Preferably .Net C# solid experience;
- Redis; RabbitMQ; MassTransit; Elastic Search;
- DDD, clean code;
- CQRS/CQS; Event Sourcing;
- Azure DevOps;
- Docker; k&s.
- Swagger.

What you will create:

- Cloud-native, scalable, and high-performing products of enterprise level;
- Applications, which stand alone for their value and quality in the procurement market (Sourcing, Spend Management, Procurement, Supplier management).

What you will practice:

- building and maintaining cloud-native micro-services architecture
- design first then implement an approach
- refactoring and maintaining our existing solutions and slicing bigger services into smaller chunks

What approaches and technologies you will face:

- .Net C#; Entity Framework;
- SQL, MongoDB, Redis; Elastic Search;
- RabbitMQ; MassTransit;
- DDD, clean code;
- CQRS/CQS; Event Sourcing;
- Azure DevOps;
- Docker; K&s;
- OpenAPI specfication OAS;

How you will work:

- actively participate in development meetings to learn new, understand company horizons and goals;
- contribute to technical planning meetings by discussing user stories with colleagues and decomposing tasks; begin with the end result in mind;
- ensure high quality of the delivered products(documentation, code reviews, unit tests, API tests, monitoring, tracing and alerting);
- collaborate closely with the product manager to ensure the team understands the purpose clearly;
- escalate when help is needed to the Head of Development;
- align with the team during daily stand-up meetings;
- speak out for improvement suggestions during retrospective meetings which work;

You will have:

- work with the team to implement the best ideas in features;
- work with the product team, who cares;
- concentrate on the essence of your job;
- enjoy a high-class DELL mobile workstation with 2 monitors and licensed software;
- see CORE culture ( customer-oriented; open-minded; responsible;
excellent) in action;
- work in a hybrid work schedule (home office/ work from the office);
- receive a good salary in EURO;
- discuss feedback on your expectations and performance twice a year with your direct lead;
- regular informal 1-1 meetings with your direct lead;
- grow professionally, working closely with architects and other senior colleagues;
- get medical insurance (UA);
- attend workshops and conferences;
- access to e-learning platforms;
- 24/7 access to loft-style modern office.