Manual QA Engineer (Mobile)

Dnipro · QA and testing


We are looking for a QA engineer to join a development team with 6 different nationalities working out of our office in Copenhagen and Dnipro. Our company language is English, and we are working closely together across borders to improve our daily lives. 

CO2HERO aims to be the epicentre of knowledge, providing transparency and insight, related to our global CO2 footprint to help people live and engage in a balanced, low-carbon lifestyle. 

Our first version of mobile app was the developed in 6 months and released for iOS and Android, see more at: 


Required skills 

  • 2+ years of Manual QA/Testing experience; 
  • Experience in testing mobile applications on mobile devices; 
  • Hands-on writing test documentation (test cases, checklists, test plan, bug reports); 
  • Experience with bug tracking system, issue tracking, and project management systems; 
  • knowledge of bug reporting and bug life cycle; 
  • Feels at ease working in English - intermediate level or higher. 


As a plus 

  • Experience with A/B testing; 
  • Experience using Postman or GraphQL; 
  • Experience with load testing. 


As part of our team, you’ll enjoy 

  • Ability to work directly with Lead developer from Denmark who has wide experience working with Ukrainian dev teams; 
  • Working in team of smart, creative people;
  • Flexible working hours; 
  • 20 days of paid vacation; 
  • Paid sick-leaves;
  • Corporate events; 
  • Nice office in city-center of Dnipro; 
  • Coffee and cookies in the kitchen, parties, lunches, etc. 



  • Manual testing of Backend & Mobile; 
  • Review requirements documents; 
  • Creating and executing test documentation; 
  • Active participation in the development process. 


About us 

Climate change is impacting human lives in a variety of ways. It threatens the essential ingredients of good health – clean air, safe drinking water, food supply, and protection from catastrophic weather conditions. 

Each of us is responsible for climate change through our way of life. In particular, CO2 emissions are affected by what we eat, how we transport ourselves, where we live, and the products we buy. 

Most of us are aware there are consequences of those lifestyle choices. However, the consequences of each of our individual lifestyle choices are not fully transparent or easy to measure. 

We know we should reduce air travel, but we do not know the exact consequence / CO2 footprint of a weekend trip to Barcelona, the impact of becoming vegetarian or flexitarian, or getting an electric car instead of an ICE car. We would like to better understand the impact of these choices and get inspired from like-minded individuals across the globe. 

CO2HERO is a movement to better our daily lives.