Office hunt in Kharkiv - Founders insights episode 9

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In this episode we are checking out different office options in Kharkiv because our new landlord has put up the price for our office and we do not feel it matches the market.

Transcript of the video:

Today we are watching new office options
We are in center of Kharkiv

so we've been halfway through the office
list and so far we have seen 2 we like, but

we will see. The prices are going up for
offices here in Kharkiv and we can just see that

the office we're in right now it's
definitely not comparable to the price

they want, compared to what we can get
other places so it looks like we'll move

to another office within the next two
three months.

So, Henning, which one is your favorite so far?
I have two favorites, but it's still a secret. It is still a secret?!!

okay we'll get back!!

so I'm sitting here in our office in

it's been a long day we have been around
the city to visit seven or eight

different new office options. The thing
is that our current office, that we

actually like, but the new owners of the
building they have simply put some

prices that does not match the market in
Kharkiv so we've been out and to see what

we could find instead and it turned
out that we are right in our assumption

that the new price for our office is
simply not according to the market we

can find something much better for even
less price than we are supposed to

pay here with the new owners, so we have
narrowed it down to two options and I

guess that during next week we have made
a decision on what will be our new

office here in Kharkiv, it will be
better quality office, more modern and we

will have much more space so we
can have the space to grow even more

and that's important because the
pipeline is actually looking very solid
both our current clients are looking
into growing and we have a few offers

out where we're waiting for answers to
start up new clients from Denmark's

actually, so it is exciting times in
Source Angel, so that's it from me for

today. I hope you enjoyed the tour around
Kharkiv and seeing a few different

offices, so until next time, give me a
like, give me a comment, share on social

media and have a great day!