New office and new client - Founders insights episode 8

2/25/2020 outsourcing outstaffing kyiv ukraine new client new office hiring growing entrepeneurship startup Founders insights

In this episode i will give you a small tour in our new location - we have rented a small office in Kyiv, Ukraine. Also I will give you a small intro to our new client from Denmark, a company called Make influence.

Captions from the video:

hey guys and welcome to another episode
of founders insights. It's been a while

because it's been a few busy weeks and
the two biggest updates is that I'm

standing here in the middle of Kyiv
centre on the square Maidan, where the

revolution was five years ago ending in
a massacre just a few metres from me,

but we got a new office here

for 4 people and so I'll be sitting here
together with our Swedish sales guy and

the developer working for our client in
America called Transwestern the other

big news is that we have a new client we
have signed our first Danish outstaffing

client, a company called make
influence that makes a platform for

influencers and for companies that needs
influencer marketing, so a very

interesting project and we are currently
hiring a frontend and a backend

developer for them and they look forward
to grow the team with us as the year

go by so anyway just a quick update from

it's February and it's sunny as you can
see and it's around 5 degrees so the

winter really never kicked in but let's
see we still have a month or two before

all we can say we are home safe so
anyway thank you for watching the

channel, give me a like and a comment, share on social media and yeah see you

next time!