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Episode 6 of Founders insights on IT in UKraine: Outstaffing

Learn about what outstaffing is and find out what you do not need to worry about,. What advantages does this model bring, the recruitment process in Source Angel and how you can build or extend your tech team with developers in Ukraine.

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Working in Ukraine - an expat guide

Interview with our founder, Morten Ottow, on life as an expat in Ukraine. Original from an article in the magazine Kiev Check-in from 2017.

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What is outstaffing with Source Angel in Ukraine?

This article was originally posted on LinkedIn August 21, 2019. Outstaffing is a model that offers companies access to the Ukrainian IT market without having their own legal entity or office in Ukraine.

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Happy New Year - Founders Insights episode 5

Entrepreneurship in Source Angel - IT in Ukraine in video blog format. Today I will talk about: A book review on Jesper Buch, Kick ass, and expectations to the future in 2020. link to Jesper buchs book:

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A Christmas fairytale - Founders Insights episode 4

Watch until end for a happy Christmas surprise. Today I will talk about: - Difference in Ukrainian and Danish Christmas and New Year public holidays - Christmas and New Year market on Sophia square, Kyiv -A Christmas fairytale

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Founders insights - Episode 3

We have close to 600 views so far on the channel and people still come back to watch the previous episodes. Today I will talk about: - Building a new office in Kharkiv. - Meeting with freelancer Ivan, who works for our client in Kenya, Africa who are developing a taxi app. I hope this channel with give you some value and insight on the life in a small IT company in Ukraine and maybe inspire you in your career.

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A short video on how to evaluate if a client in interesting for your business or the client it too small.

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Founders insights - episode 1

This is the background story from our co-founder, Morten Ottow, and his career from working in cafes and bars to becoming a software engineer. During his career growing from web developer to managing more than 100 people directly while founding Source Angel.