Source Angel provides full time employees, working in our offices in Ukraine for our clients in Europe and US.

We are founded by 2 danish software engineers, Henning and Morten, who has more than 10 years experience working and living in Ukraine. They are your boots on the ground connecting you and helping your with collaboration with your team in Ukraine.

Henning Hørstrup
Director and outsourcing consultant

  • MSc in Software Engineering & Management from Denmark starting out as a system and app developer in 2009
  • Experienced consultant helping digitization in Danish companies by building development teams for the clients with suppliers in eastern Europe
  • Moved to Ukraine in 2014 to consult clients on their outsourced setups with a top 5 provider and later a world leading CMS product company, Sitecore
  • Track record of starting, optimizing, scaling and manage teams in setups of up to 350 people in Eastern Europe for different companies around the world

Morten Ottow
Founder and outsourcing consultant

  • Software Engineer graduate from Denmark starting out as web developer in 2007.
  • Experienced consultant from digital agencies in Denmark leading teams on the client side that delivers projects for customers together with Ukraine and India on platforms such as Sitecore, EPiServer and Umbraco mainly on Microsoft technologies with C# .NET
  • Visited Ukraine for the first time in 2010 and has been living here for 10+ years now. 2015 founded the outsourcing company that later became Source Angel
  • Work experience from digital agency Valtech as delivery director in scaling the Ukrainian outsourcing hub from a single team in 1 location working only with Denmark to its own entity of 200+ people across 5 locations in Ukraine cooperating with offices globally